Netraco Garments works 8 times faster with itSuitsFashion

Netraco Garments is the umbrella organization for 8 successful leather and fashion brands. This modern company has automated its business processes with itSuitsFashion ERP. Netraco Garments now realizes a large reduction in errors, is much more efficient and operates up to 8 times faster.

Before, Netraco Garments was not satisfied about the automation of the logistics flow. Especially with transporting goods from warehouse to customer, there were too many unnecessarily large differences between pre-ordered and ordered goods. Marieke de Wit, Office Manager: “Our goal was to optimize the orders, stock information, picking, extradition and the administrative handling”.

After an intensive selection process itSuitsFashion turned out to be the best solution. Dick Hauber, owner: “It was immediately clear to us that itSuitsFashion offers lots of possibilities and suits our daily work really well. We have adopted a completely automated logistics process.”

Marieke de Wit: “About 3 years we’re working with itSuitsFashion and we are still glad we made the switch. So much has improved: all order confirmations, invoices and credit notes are now send per e-mail, we can create custom reports and the logistics flow is much more efficient.”



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