Circle of Gentlemen over itSuitsFashion

Circle of Gentlemen

Brandowner apparel

“Since we have used itSuitsFashion, we are getting more work done with the same number of people. With their new solution in place, Circle of Gentlemen have become more efficient in their business processes, are realizing savings in time and operating expense, and are better able to focus on growing their core business.”

Janjaap van Gent, CEO

Hans Boodt over itSuitsFashion

Hans Boodt Mannequins


“We were looking for a software solution in which logistics, intercompany, prepayment, multiple currencies and order processing were well handled. Only late in the selection process we came in touch with it suits IT and its fashion solutions. We found exactly what we had been missing when looking at other suppliers and solutions.”

Hans van Meerten, Financial Co-ordinator


Lodger over itSuitsFashion


Brandowner accessories

“Customer satisfaction is key to us. That is why, next to delivering innovative and high quality products, we highly value a good relationship with our customers. With itSuitsFashion we can offer our customers the continuous and efficient service which leads to higher customer satisfaction. Besides that, we are now assured of the solid base which provides the smooth flow of relevant information amongst the right people and departments.”

Anthony Gerding, CEO

MarMar over itSuitsFashion

MarMar Copenhagen

Brandowner apparel

“We decided to look closely at international ‘best practices’, just to see how fashion companies in other countries work and what are important contributors to their success. That’s how we came in touch with itSuitsFashion solutions. The supplier listened to our business issues. It quickly became clear that they exactly understand what challenges we are facing as a fashion company and they presented a magnificent, fully integrated and -not least- a simple solution that precisely covers our demands.”

Marlene Holmboe, Owner

NeoNoir over itSuitsFashion

Neo Noir

Brandowner apparel and accessories

“The robust and innovative solutions for the fashion industry, which ensure rich relevant functionality and a short implementation time were a very important factor for us to choose itSuitsFashion ERP and sales order tool Apps4Fashion.”

Ole Overbeck, Owner

Netraco over itSuitsFashion

Netraco Garments

Brandowner apparel

“It was immediately clear to us that itSuitsFashion offers lots of possibilities and suits our daily work really well. We have adopted a completely automated logistics process.”

Dick Hauber, Owner

New Fashion Kids over itSuitsFashion

New Fashion Kids

Brandowner apparel

“The ROI on itSuitsFashion will be realized much faster than with previous ERP systems. Besides that, we benefit from big advantages because of the short communication lines and the productivity of our employees is greatly increased by the ease of use and technical possibilities of itSuitsFashion.”

Matthijs Meeuwsen, IT Consultant


Van Gils over itSuitsFashion

Van Gils Fashion

Brandowner apparel

“I am extremely satisfied about going live with itSuitsFashion. It is a big advantage that information regarding our stocks and finances are now integrated. Data only needs to be entered once and the information can be reviewed and adjusted by the right people. This saves an enormous amount of work and the chance of errors is greatly reduced.”

Frank Biegstraaten, IT Manager

Poirier over itSuitsFashion


Wholesaler and brandowner bodyfashion

“Using itSuitsFashion has enabled us to connect all our data. With the reporting tool I can convert our data to simple yet comprehensive overviews. This means spending a lot less time in collecting and analyzing data and instead focus on the opportunities which can enable our company to grow further”

Glenn Grumnagel, Management Team

The Shirtmakers over itSuitsFashion Private Label

The Shirtmakers

Private label company

“The connection between purchasing and selling orders works great and our reporting options have significantly improved. All information is easily accessible through one dashboard. Determining sales, profit etc. per customer or collection is a lot easier now. Besides that, no unnecessary delays occur in the process anymore, because we have information faster on orders and possible bottlenecks.”

Liselotte Mak, Finance Director