itSuitsFashion for private label companies

The process in a private label business is different from regular fashion brands and wholesalers, because sales- and purchase orders are being processed one on one. In the ERP solution itSuitsFashion Private Label, all styles and contracts can be monitored and managed within one single dashboard.

The way a private label company works is significantly different, because everything is based on the style or contract with customers. Based on this style or contract, the sales- and purchase order are made, the production is done and the delivery to the customer takes place. The dashboard keeps all documents and entities which are linked to the contract together and ensures that no unnecessary delays occur in the process.

itSuitsFashion Private Label is the Microsoft Dynamics NAV based ERP solution, which is optimized for private label companies in fashion. It connects people, processes and information and thus gives employees the tools and understanding they need to do their jobs best, highly increasing their personal effectiveness and efficiency. This makes itSuitsFashion Private Label a strong and important strategic tool for private label companies in fashion to realize business goals.


itSuitsFashion for sales professionals

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itSuitsFashion for purchasing professionals

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itSuitsFashion for warehouse professionals

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