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Klerx Footwear is ready for the future with itSuitsFashion Solution stack

Klerx Footwear, known for its brands Develab, Red-Rag and Paul Green, will further optimize its organization using three solutions from the itSuitsFashion solution stack. With the ERP solution itSuitsFashion the organization streamlines its workflow, the sales app Apps4Fashion professionalizes the sales process and pick tool PickIT improves the efficiency in the warehouse. The three solutions are seamlessly connected and work as one complete total solution, making all data automatically available throughout the company.

During the selection, the management of Klerx Footwear critically examined functional content and price of the software, the suppliers knowledge of the footwear industry and innovative potential. In addition, they wanted to find the right partner who had the best match on future opportunities and act in the interests of Klerx Footwear.

Ton van Eyk, Finance and Operations Manager at Klerx Footwear: “The functionality of itSuitsFashion ERP meets our needs and requirements. In addition, it meets todays and tomorrows demands in terms of flexibility and innovative development towards the future. The backup of an organization like Microsoft and integration with Microsoft Office products such as Outlook, offer a great advantage. Apps4Fashion helps us to modernize and professionalize our sales processes. And with PickIT we will make an efficiency increase in our warehouse.”

Klerx Footwear is known for its original and quirky character, which clearly distinguish them from the rest. This shows in the collections and positioning of the collections, but also in the way of working, which also obviously intertwines ambition, loyalty and continuity throughout the company.

Ton van Eyk says: “Score not only today, but also think about tomorrow. That is very important. All changes require a sharp look and a clear vision. We see cooperation as a success factor for the future. Together with retailers, partners and suppliers, we are always searching for ways to do things even better and how we can operate optimally. It is clear to us that the vision and culture within Klerx Shoes and itSuitsFashion fit well together. We are ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow’s market with itSuitsFashion and its solutions, and to exploit opportunities and to continue to grow.”

About Klerx Footwear

Klerx Footwear was founded in 1984. With its brands Red-Rag, Develab and Paul Green it has grown to a main supplier of footwear for children and adults in north west Europe. Klerx is active is the entire chain: from idea and design to production, sales and logistics.

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